Established in 1998, SEDA Services is Australia's leading and privately owned HVAC mechanical services contractor that specialise in providing comprehensive engineering design and customised construction solutions to our Customers. SEDA Services has a team of specialised service technicians performing preventative maintenance to ensure maximum energy efficiency in buildings are achieved and building safety regulations are adhered to at all times.

What We Do

SEDA Services is fully committed to deliver cost effective, innovative and high quality projects for our customers.

SEDA Services is fully committed to deliver cost effective, innovative and high quality projects for our customers. We deeply value our strong relationships with our Customers and focus on implementing tailored building management solutions to meet our Customers’ requirements.

Our Service Department is highly trained and has the technical expertise to perform HVAC preventative maintenance across NSW, QLD and ACT.

Some of our long term valuable clients include Hyundai’s Australian National Head Office, Gosford Hospital, Serco, Best & Less, St Basils Aged Care and Novotel.

Who we serve


Office & Commercial

SEDA Services have delivered both large and smaller scale Commercial projects, from 30 storey Office towers to small tenancy fit-out works. Irrespective of the project size, our principle remains the same which is to ensure a well-performing HVAC systems within the buildings to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for the occupants.

Our expertise in co-ordinating base building and fit-out works has resulted in a seamless and integrated service offerings. Our energy efficient designs in Office building projects have earned us the reputation to be the industry leader in this space.


At SEDA Services, we understand the unique challenges constantly faced by our large scale Retail operators. Retail buildings and shopping centres require robust compliance program and meticulous co-ordination with tenancy fit-out works.

Our know-how and vast experience in delivering timely projects are one of the many reasons that a number of Australia’s leading shopping centres and retailers including Westfield, Stockland, AMP, Coles and Woolworths are proud to call SEDA Services one of their preferred building services provider.

Data Cooling

SEDA Services has in-depth expertise in designing, constructing and commissioning efficient and effective cooling systems for our modern data centres today. Our primary focus is on developing increasingly efficient cooling systems at significantly low PUEs, which is critical to data centres operators in their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and lower energy costs consumed by these facilities.

SEDA Services continue to invest in new technologies such as evaporative cooling, liquid immersion cooling as well as sustainable green (or free cooling) for our modern and new data centres. SEDA Services also adopt the older, traditional methods of cooling a server room for the existing data centres, via CRAH cooling systems to pump cool air through perforated floor tiles between the racks.

Health & Aged Care Facilities

SEDA Services understand the importance of creating the best indoor air quality and comfortable environment within the Health and Aged Care facilities. There is an ample need for precise climate control and air filtration specifications when designing the safest and effective HVAC systems to ensure the comfort and safety of patients, residents and staff at all times.

SEDA Services is proud to be servicing Australia’s leading Aged Care providers such as St Basil’s, Provectus Care, The Rose by Moran, Greengate (part of Australian Unity). In addition to this, SEDA Services has successfully designed and delivered a number of Hospitals and Health Care facilities including IVF Australia Private Hospital, St George Hospital, Wyvern Private Hospital Terrey Hills, and Australian Hearing HUB.

Student Accommodation

In recent years, Australian construction industry has seen an increasing demand for Student Accommodation. SEDA Services has formed strategic alliances and partnerships with Student Accommodation operators such as UniLodge, Iglu, SCAPE and many prominent Australian universities to meet the need for energy efficient, resilient HVAC systems that can lower operating costs.

Effective cost management in building sustainable Student Accommodation and maintaining one are paramount to the viability and continuity of these projects which are often funded from the capital and operational budgets of non-profit organisations such as Universities, public and government bodies.

SEDA Services has pioneered the value engineering design for high performance based systems that have an extended life cycle through the adoption of variable refrigerant flow systems, energy savings, design-flexible equipment with full integration of services and plant & equipment.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on having the best team in the industry, and a non-hierarchical organisation.

Our team focuses on delivering solutions to clients that not only achieves our shared vision, but
exceeds expectations. Our flat organisational structure puts all our directors on the operational
frontline, working closely with estimating, design and project teams – the foundations of our
business – to deliver timely and well-informed solutions.

SEDA Services Senior Management

Matthew Lenane

Managing Director

Simon Henderson

NSW Branch Manager - Projects

Michael Harapas

NSW Branch Manager - Service


Our Commitments

Safety is the core of what we believe and how we work at SEDA Services. We believe in creating a safe working environment where we prioritise the health and wellbeing of our employees above all.

At SEDA Services, we go above and beyond the industry standard in ensuring best practice safety management as this will unequivocally leads to operational excellence.

At SEDA Services, we believe in creating a sustainable environment and reducing our carbon footprint. We are immensely proud to also be a part of our Customers’ journey to reduce their carbon footprint through the design and installation of highly efficient and low energy consumption HVAC systems.

In January 2022, SEDA Services (a Climatech Group Company), received endorsement from Reconciliation Australia.

We begin the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) journey with “Reflect”. Our RAP signifies our deep commitment to acknowledging past injustices, increasing First Nations employment, and raising cultural awareness within our organisation.

View our RAP

At SEDA Services, we are committed to a Diverse and Inclusive culture where everyone belongs and are empowered to contribute to the success of the business. We understand the importance of gender, equality and cultural diversity in creating a dynamic workforce where we are agile enough to serve the changing needs of our Customers.


Vision & Values

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Our Stats

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Our Clients

Our projects range across a plethora of industries.

Our clients come from many industries – retail, commercial, government infrastructure, education, heath, defence, and data infrastructure – with every project having unique requirements. We service Tier 1, 2 and 3 projects, all with the highest level of expertise and professionalism, a claim proven by our strong record of repeat work.